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Services Offered

We offer a range of services to our clients. First, and foremost, we offer a subscriptions. For retailers, we offer product swaps and co-op buying. Finally, for insurance companies, we offer evaluations of collectables for insurance and claim purposes.

Retailer Swap and Co-op

For those of you who own your own stores and are looking for products for your clients, we can help. We have two main options. First, we can trade product. Second, we can combine orders to purchase case items when we only need one or two items from the case.

Trading products is just that. Like amounts will be traded for like amounts. Only shipping costs will be applied. If you visit our store, obviously, shipping won't apply. The advantage of swapping is obvious, it allows us to rotate stock and fill in our clients' hunt lists.

The co-op option is offered at an average of 10% above cost. This also works for in stock items. Specific details can be worked out for general and specific purchases. We look forward to working with you to build a better community

Insurance Appraisals

Not only do we sell collectibles, we also collect them ourselves. As such, we've helped ourselves and others obtain insurance for our collections. We are willing to help you, the the collector, and you, the agent, evaluate the collections. We will answer your questions on what makes an item worth more than normal, as well as what to look for when appraising your collections.

Call us regarding any of these options. We'll be more than happy to help you out.

Due to time it takes to properly evaluate collections directly, a small fee of $25 per half half box (approximately 150 comics) is assessed. For toys or other large collectibles, it's $25 per dozen. For cards, or similar collectible, it's $25 per 100 items.

We try to evaluate your items in a week or less. Obviously, the more items you want us to look at, the longer it will take.