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Our Policies

We are rather generous in our policies. Some may even say too generous. We like it that way. However, we have to have policies to protect you and ourselves.

Non-stocked items $100 or more are charged a 25%, non-refundable, deposit. Deposits can be up to 50%. Some items available only in cases, such as action figures or cards, may be subject to deposits. These are based on content variety and ordered figures/cards.

We value your privacy. No information about you is sold to anyone. We retain your contact information for the purpose of order fulfillment and tracking.

We are a family oriented operation. As such, we do not offer on-line adult material. However, some items we carry have potentially offensive material (like nudity) in artistic formats (like "The Art of..."). Where possible, the product ratings and content are listed. However, our vendors do not always supply this information. We try to correct the ratings when possible and appropriate.

Whenever possible, we reuse the material used to ship items to us, such as boxes, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts. Most of the time, these are reused when shipping items to you. We also use boxes and materials from family members.

If we cannot use these materials, we donate them or send them to our local recycling centers.

Returns are by authorization only. We accept returns only for damaged or inoperable items. If appropriate, some items can be exchanged, usually due to printing or manufacturing errors.