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Item Code: 603497000920

From Rhino Home Video! In "The Space Mummy", 7-Zark-7 discovers a new planet, much like Earth, hidden behind Venus, named Zarkadia in his honor. But, lately, mysterious plane crashes have been occurring there and G-Force is sent to investigate. What they discover is beyond their scope of comprehension, as a colossal Plutonium X-powered mummy wreaks havoc upon them and the people of Zarkadia. Then, in "The Space Serpent", Zoltar has commissioned a massive space serpent with an insatiable appetite for crude oil to attack Earth's oil refineries, causing major earthquakes and upheavals. Can G-Force hope to defeat a monster that can literally reassemble itself when attacked, and will they be forced to resort to their ultimate secret weapon? Approximate running time: 60 minutes.

Publisher: Rhino

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