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Battle Angel Alita Last Order GN 3

Item Code: 978159116135650995


Alita joins her arch-enemy, mad scientist Desty Nova, and two nasty replicants of herself on a journey to the world of Ketheres, in hopes of rescuing her old friend Lou's brain, which is part of a vast array powering the computer known as "e;Melchizedek."e; In Ketheres, the hapless cyborg and her unsympathetic companions promptly become embroiled in a war between artificial worlds. Their hosts have the secret of immortality (as long as no one kills you, that is) which puts a new twist on the question Alita has always wrestled with - what does it mean to be human if you can live forever? NOTE: Not available outside the U.S. and Canada.
SC, 200pg, b&w

Publisher: Viz Media

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